In One Eye

Sunday, June 08, 2003
There are a number of pieces in this morning's Courant regarding the state's budget fiasco. By far, the stupidest one is written by (no surprise) Laurence Cohen, easily my least favorite columnist in the paper.

This morning he opines that "[t]here are two kinds of Democrats up there at the General Assembly," both of which are spendthtrifts and antithetical to a rational poltical process.

Likewise, "[t]he tiny band of legislative Republicans can also be plopped into one of two camps," both of which demonstrate the greatest integrity and attempt to protect Connecticut's taxpayers to their last breaths.

And our smarmy governor
enjoys spending money but doesn't want the checks to bounce. He could have caved and signed the Democratic "compromise," at which point The New York Times would have written that he had "grown in office," which is what the Times always says about Republicans who vote for higher taxes. Instead, Rowland vetoed the mess, which reflected in part what his suspicious, somewhat mutinous GOP legislators were muttering: If what voters want is out-of-control spending, they might as well vote for Democrats and get the real thing."
Cohen congratulates his own cleverness by concluding: "That's all you need to know. To dig any deeper would be irrational."

It seems to me that Mr. Cohen has evinced irrationality quite nicely, thank you. What could be more irrational than adopting the biased stereotype of all Democrats bad, all Republicans good?

One might as well have as a thesis: There are two kinds of Catholics, or there are two kinds of blacks, or there are two kinds of Jews. One assumes that Mr. Cohen would be uncomfortable with such positions, but the argument he advances in this morning's paper is just as odious, just as biased, and just as irrational.