In One Eye

Friday, June 27, 2003
Stuff like this makes me very nervous.
New York City's 1.1 million children are not getting an adequate education and the state must come up with a blueprint to improve the schools, the state's highest court said Thursday.

In a 4-1 decision, the Court of Appeals gave the state until July 2004 to come up with a plan to provide a "sound basic education" to New York City schoolchildren, as required under the state constitution.

"Tens of thousands of students are placed in overcrowded classrooms, taught by unqualified teachers and provided with inadequate facilities and equipment," Chief Judge Judith Kaye wrote for the court. "The number of children in these straits is large enough to represent a systemic failure."
A systemic failure has occurred all right, but it's not exclusively a failure of the education system. It's a social failing that has occurred brought on largely by oligarchic government decisions to cut educational subsidies, welfare payments, and food programs.

So what is to be done? There's no money to improve the city's educational system. God knows the Bushies' only strategy is more testing.

You can't try to cure the disease by treating the symptoms. Clearly, if overcrowded classrooms, unqualified teachers and inadequate facilities and equipment are to be improved, more construction and more money for staffing and equipment is necessary. To deny this is to deny the obvious.

I don't know where New York City's schools go from here. If such improvements aren't made, I can't see anyone doing a perp walk. It looks to me as if the court has stated the bloody obvious. It's not surprising that Governor Pataki doesn't have a clue as to what to do to alleviate the situation.