In One Eye

Saturday, June 14, 2003
Now it begins.
[Maine] lawmakers passed a bill that would provide 180,000 uninsured people access to medical coverage in one of the nation's most comprehensive health insurance plans ...

The plan would create a quasi-public agency to help people secure medical coverage through private insurers. Under the plan, all Maine residents who cannot otherwise afford health care insurance would have access to low cost coverage by 2009.

Participants would be charged subsidized premiums that would vary according to their ability to pay and the amount of coverage purchased.
Needless to say, the Republicans don't like it. However,
Arthur Levin, director of the New York-based Center for Medical Consumers, said Maine was ahead of other states in its efforts to reform health care.

He said without federal help, "it falls to the states to pick up the pieces."
And one can assume that the plutocrats in Washington will not provide such help.