In One Eye

Sunday, June 15, 2003
Molly Ivins writes this morning on the inequity of the tax system by noting
[A]ll this big talk about tax cuts from Washington and about not raising taxes from Austin -- it's taking away after-school programs and health clinics and firefighters ...

It is mind-boggling that the Republicans took away child tax credits for low-income working people. It was such a gross distortion in favor of the rich and against working people that it created an immediate backlash and forced the White House to ask Congress to reverse itself.

"Ain't going to happen," said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. He says the working poor will get their tax cut only if the rich get another round as well. That's sick.
DeLay is starting to get some negative ink. (Krugman the other day and now this.) Couldn't happen to a more worthy recipient.

It goes without saying that this situation is what is prompting President Unelected to push so hard for volunteerism.