In One Eye

Friday, June 27, 2003
Matt Staver of the Liberty Counsel has this to say about yesterday's Supreme Court decision regarding homosexual rights:
“This decision will serve as a wakeup call to the majority of Americans who believe in traditional marriage and oppose same-sex unions. Today’s decision is a very narrow one because it only applies to laws in a handful of states. However, taking away any rights of the states to regulate same-sex sexual conduct should raise the concerns of everyone who believes in preserving traditional marriage. Today’s decision has awakened a sleeping giant and will galvanize and reinvigorate the majority of Americans who believe in traditional marriage but have ignored the radical agenda of the same-sex marriage movement. The goal of the radical homosexual agenda is to eliminate any and all laws regulating consensual sexual conduct. This would mean the elimination of laws banning polygamy as well as those that ban sex between adults and minors.”

Staver concluded, “The split decision underscores the importance of the next Supreme Court appointment, not only on the issue of abortion but now on the issue of same-sex unions. This case also illustrates the problem with an active judiciary which takes away the rights of the people. Regulating homosexual conduct and marriage is the right of the people, to be exercised through the legislative, rather than judicial branches of government.”
I post this to let people know that the pursuit of equality of all citizens has not ended with the decision. Indeed, as long as Staver's type of nonsense is still evident, the fight must continue.