In One Eye

Sunday, June 22, 2003
Looking at the Globe a little bit as I try to recover from yesterday's Red Sox debacle.

The paper tries to explain the plethora of rainy weekends.
In 1998, the journal Nature published a report in which Arizona State University scientist Randall Cerveny showed that the East Coast has about 20 percent more rainfall, on average, during the weekend. Cerveny's study noted that pollution from factories and commuting cars builds up during the week, peaking on the weekend, and then slowly drifts away. The pollution, Cerveny said, may be absorbing heat from the sun, causing updrafts of warm air that add fuel to storms coming through on Saturdays and Sundays.
No matter the reason, it sure would be nice to get some sun around here.

Ellen Goodman also has a pretty good piece on how Jessica Lynch isn't quite Laci Peterson or Martha Stewart.