In One Eye

Friday, June 20, 2003
The latest on the Bencivengo mess (penultimate story on page):
Frank Bencivengo, the 34-year-old Morgan School teacher and baseball coach facing charges of sexually assaulting a student, has been suspended from the school district ...

"At this point, he can't come to school, can't come on school grounds and he can't have any contact with any students," [Superintendent of Schools Albert] Coviello said ...

"This is an unsettling thing to the community and specifically for the school system[," continued Coviello]. Whether [the allegations] [sic] are proven true or not, it's a horrible thing for the school and the community to go through."
Happened to have supper in Clinton last night. The community is pretty much reeling not so much over this incident specifically (although there's plenty of revulsion regarding it), but the fact that this is the fourth episode of pedophilia or pederasty that has occurred there in the last year or so.

Not a good pedigree for a small town to have.