In One Eye

Monday, June 16, 2003
The Keating-Roman Catholic Church brouhaha continues.
A defiant Frank Keating took another swipe at some Roman Catholic bishops Monday, defending his comments that compared church leaders to the mafia as he officially resigned as head of a panel keeping tabs on the prelates' sex abuse reforms.
From his letter of resignation:
As I have recently said, and have repeated on several occasions, our Church is a Faith institution. A home to Christ's people. It is not a criminal enterprise. It does not condone and cover up criminal activity. It does not follow a code of silence. My remarks, which some bishops found offensive, were deadly accurate. I make no apology. To resist grand jury subpoenas, to suppress the names of offending clerics, to deny, to obfuscate, to explain away; that is the model of a criminal organization, not my church.
Whoa! A reference not only to the Mafia, but to omerta. Kind of goes along with the Courant's editorial of this morning.