In One Eye

Thursday, June 26, 2003
Here's the story on the Bencivengo situation that ran in the Clinton Recorder on Tuesday.

Not surprisingly (given the paper's level of journalistic acumen), it contains little that hadn't been published in the larger papers the previous week.

But it does contain some insights that, perhaps, only a local paper can provide, viz.,
As a coach, Bencivengo struck the students as more of an inspirational leader than someone highly versed in baseball technique.

The news of his arrest created a sensation, but not a surprise, among those in the close-knit community who know Bencivengo.

The affair between Bencivengo and the student, described as very attractive, was widely known through rumors circulating in the school, and even to high school students in neighboring towns, students said.
In addition to taking a somewhat gratuitous dig at Bencivengo's baseball expertise--or lack thereof--these paragraphs show that if the affair was common knowledge, the school's administration bears a certain culpability.

Ultimately, this may be the larger story.