In One Eye

Sunday, June 22, 2003
Here's a rather unsettling story.
[T]he Coalition Provisional Authority is fast running out of time to establish the Iraqi government it promised.

Further delays could spawn increased resistance to the coalition's presence, endangering the lives of both Iraqi civilians and American soldiers. The delays also exacerbate frustrations over the dearth of reliable services including electricity, telephones and, above all, security.

About a mile inside the imposing gates, in a palace ornamented with depictions of Hussein wearing military helmets, staff members are hard at work defining the role for Iraqis in the occupation government. But the task is proving far more difficult and time-consuming than anticipated.
Well, we know what the Bushies do when a task becomes "far more difficult and time-consuming than anticipated": cut and run.

If they do it this time, they will clearly be opening the gates of Hell.