In One Eye

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
A Hartford radio station talk show pundit stated that our governor threw a tantrum during this episode.
A combative Gov. John G. Rowland slammed the door Tuesday on new concession talks with state employee unions as a way to close the $1 billion budget deficit.

"They [the talks] are over," Rowland, a Republican, said during a meeting with the New Haven Register editorial board. "End of discussion. Dead, dead, dead" ...

Dan Livingston, the unions’ chief negotiator, said Tuesday that he is prepared to return to the bargaining table at any time and insisted the unions could provide real savings.

"He won’t talk to us," Livingston said. "The refusal to talk to state workers will lead to devastating tax increases or spending cuts" ...

The governor branded state Democratic lawmakers "captives of special interests" who are "totally out of synch with what’s going on in the world."
This from the man who was in CRRA's pocket and who is this close from having the Feds investigate him on a kickback scheme.
Rowland accused the state employee unions of waging "a methodical, thought out and planned" campaign to spread rumors about his personal life, and called the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the chief lobby for the state’s towns and cities, "a joke."
The comment about our smarmy governor's personal life probably doesn't deserve comment (he did fall all over himself to keep a domestic dispute investigation sealed ten years ago), but the CCM does nothing more than promote towns' interest. If the gov is going to start denigrating that group, he'll have no one to defend him when the Feds come knocking.

He's really starting to crack. Continuing to watch the state suffer while Captain Queeg counts the strawberries isn't a pleasant prospect.