In One Eye

Thursday, June 26, 2003
A few items of note this morning.
An American who spent two months working on a US-led reconstruction team in Iraq has accused Washington of failing to prepare for the post-conflict situation.

Timothy Carney, a former US ambassador who until recently had been overseeing Iraq's industry ministry, said most of the focus was placed on the military campaign and very little on the security and political problems that could ensue.
And ...
The U.S. economy crept ahead at a softer pace than previously thought in the opening three months of the year, weighed down by war worries that dampened business investment and restrained stock-building, a Commerce Department report on Thursday said.
The Bushies' reaction to this unfortunate turn of events?
The Bush administration's top Medicare accountant has calculated how millions of senior citizens would be affected by bringing private managed care into the program, but the administration won't release the information.

An earlier analysis suggested that a Republican plan to inject market forces into Medicare could increase premiums for those who stay in traditional programs by as much as 25 percent. If that's still the case, it could help Democrats who argue that the GOP plan is risky for those who want to stay in traditional Medicare, where they can pick any doctor, rather than move to a managed care plan.

The administration's Medicare chief threatened to fire his top actuary, Rick Foster, if Foster released his calculations to Capitol Hill Democrats who requested the analysis, officials said.
The Bushies' proclivity to protect their agenda while disastrous events surround them beggars belief.