In One Eye

Friday, June 20, 2003
The FCC fiasco continues.
The Senate Commerce Committee yesterday approved legislation that would change the FCC's recent ruling, which -- among other things -- allows companies to own a newspaper and television station in the same city. Media conglomerates approved of the vote, which eliminates or relaxes a number of restrictions on media ownership for newspapers and radio and TV stations, but consumer groups and other public advocates cried foul. They say the lax rules will allow media empires to become larger and more powerful, and bring an end to diversified content in entertainment, news and opinion.
Kudos to the Senate for seeing the danger of the FCC ruling. Of course, a million e-mails might have caught the solons' attention. Cripes, even the NRA is against the ruling.

Unfortunately, any legislative change is unlikely. Good ol' boy "[House] Commerce Committee Chairman Billy Tauzin said today he will kill it."

That is, any change won't even get out of committee in the House.
Tauzin, a Louisiana Republican, intends to kill the bill when it reaches the House of Representatives, said his spokesman, Ken Johnson.

"Unfortunately, this has become a political soap opera,'' Johnson said. "Tauzin intends to cancel its run.''
Another prostitute. Tauzin has long sucked at the teat of communications giants.