In One Eye

Saturday, June 28, 2003
An FBI specialist said Friday that he retrieved erased files from a Triumph Capital Group computer that prosecutors contend show the company was planning to channel $2 million to friends of former state Treasurer Paul J. Silvester at the same time Silvester was committing $200 million to a Triumph investment fund.
The "friends" evidently do not include our unctuous governor, although this could lead to an incriminating paper trail.

Speaking of the gov, he was busy last evening, sharing the dais with someone who could really teach him a lesson or two about kickbacks.
Some of the loudest applause came when Bush said he had enacted civil-service changes in Florida that have affected state employees.
Yeah, it's affected them, all right--to the point where they've lost their jobs to private contractors, thus rejuvenating a spoils system that most people happily thought was dead and buried.