In One Eye

Friday, June 20, 2003
Facing daily assaults from a well-armed resistance, U.S. troops in volatile central Iraq say they are growing frustrated and disillusioned with their role as postwar peacekeepers.

In conversations in a half-dozen towns across central Iraq, soldiers complained that they have been insufficiently equipped for peacekeeping and too thinly deployed in areas where they are under attack from fighters evidently loyal to deposed president Saddam Hussein.
Once again it should be noted that the most authentic way to "support the troops" is to insist that they return home.

On another level, this story demonstrates once again the inability of the Bushies to follow through. They did it in Afghanistan and in myriad other situations.

Having planned on the whole Iraqi operation being a cakewalk and having US military personnel being welcomed as liberators, the Bushies are paralyzed now that these scenarios haven't played out.

A real danger is that while the US is immersed in the quagmire of Iraq, the powers that be may not be able to do anything about the increasing chaos of the Israel-Palestine situation.