In One Eye

Monday, June 16, 2003
A couple of education news items. One irksome, one rather humorous.

From Massachusetts,
Hundreds of teachers awaiting bonuses were warned in a letter late last month by Education Commissioner David Driscoll they may not receive their bonuses unless state legislators restore planned budget cuts.
So they go into teaching encouraged by a bonus that now won't be forthcoming. Sue 'em for breach of contract I say.

Surely you jest.
[Texas's] standardized test is no longer just the TAKS. It's the TAKS(tm).

Trademarking its flagship test is the state's first step toward turning it into a commodity, sellable to schools in other states. It cost millions for Texas to develop the TAKS, or Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills – now it wants to recoup some of that money.
Texas thinks that other states will pay for its standardized test? Texas? The state's educational system was gutted by President Unelected before he gutted the national system. It's unlikely that any state is going to want such a state's test.