In One Eye

Saturday, June 14, 2003
The campaign continues as Krauthammer tries to account for the missing WMD in this morning's Courant.
The inability to find the weapons is indeed troubling, but only because it means that the weapons remain unaccounted for and might be in the wrong hands. The idea that our inability to thus far find the WMDs proves that the threat was phony and hyped is simply false.
Dr. Marshall discusses what Krauthammer and others of his ilk are up to here.

In a later post, Marshall discusses the peculiar behavior that is being evinced by the Bushies and by apologists like Krauthammer.
If you simply insist on believing white is black, even when you can see it's white, then when you tell people it's black then, well, maybe you're sort of not really lying, right?
I've discussed this phenomenon a few times before: The Bushies aren't lying as such. The real problem is that they believe what they are saying despite indisputable facts to the contrary.

This isn't mendacity. This is psychosis.